A New Author, a New Book: Chasing Love by Meredith McNeil

Chasing Love

Megan didn’t have a great start in life. When she was eighteen months old she was diagnosed with an illness that would prove to change the direction of her life. As a child, she was bullied relentlessly which caused her to build walls and prevented her from making connections with her peers. She never felt completely loved or accepted by any man and feared she would never find true love. Megan decided to join the Army and move away from all that she knew to start over. She meets Jay while stationed in South Korea, and finds that they have an instant connection that is unexplained. Their relationship faces many obstacles including alcohol, sex, third party situations, and pregnancy. Megan and Jay can not seem to stay away from one another. She believes that Jay is her soulmate, but his engagement proves to be an obstacle in moving their relationship to the next level. Their attraction is a magnet that continues to bring them back together even when they know that it is wrong. This book is the first in a series on Megan’s quest for self discovery and to capture the heart of her twin flame.
Amazon review:
5 starsCouldn’t put the book down. Excellent book really tugs at the heart and has one feeling the need to squeeze and hug Meagan.
Excellent writing and easy reading. Can’t wait for the next book in series. Huge hugs to a great author. Hope not to wait too long to keep reading.