From SOS to WOW by Margaret A. Johnson, P.E.

Take The Leap And Soar Higher Than Ever:
From SOS to WOW!
Your Personal Coaching Adventure

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Finding professional and personal happiness is a lifelong journey; Margaret A. Johnson, P.E., credentialed executive/corporate coach and author, has a unique and fun approach to getting out of a rut and moving ahead. From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure is a helpful guidebook for anyone ready to bust their assumptions, unleash their creative ideas, and take courageous risks to get to where they want to be personally and professionally.

“If you’re stuck in the same old place at work, in your personal life, or still waiting for your dreams to become a reality and you’re ready to make a change, this book is for you,” Johnson explains. “SOS, or ‘Same Old Stuff,’ is the place you find yourself in over and over again. For example, maybe you’re unhappy at work, wondering what else you could be doing. Maybe you’re in a relationship with the same kind of guy or gal you recently separated from, or watching someone else doing what you have always dreamed about, but not making any progress toward making it happen for yourself.

“Where would you like to be instead? WOW – ‘Well On the Way’ – to being where you really want to be,” Johnson continues. “No longer stuck in a ‘no progress’ repetitive cycle, you’re achieving your goals using forward-moving tips and techniques to bust through limiting beliefs, making creativity and courageous risk taking a part of your daily life. Finally, you are SWOW – ‘So Well On the Way’ – staying motivated and making real progress toward your dreams and goals.”

Margaret A. Johnson is from Michigan but moved to Texas as soon as she could where she learned to ride a horse and say “y’all.” Utilizing her BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, her professional engineering license and coaching credentials, she inspires people and organizations to strive for excellence. Her experience ranges from engineering and management in power, to sales and consulting in the oil and gas industry.  As President of Ideal Training, Inc., she trains and coaches professionals and managers with a mission to unleash creativity, ignite ideas and remove barriers to success to assist clients in solving problems and opening doors to possibilities.

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From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure
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Speaking and Coaching Testimonials:

J.W., Houston, Texas: “I attended one of Margaret’s speaking events…for PMI Houston. It was great as she made it interesting and interactive for the audience, and her entire message, tips and techniques are so important for companies to succeed and allow employees to make positive changes. She provided a great handout as well that I continue to find very useful. I recommend Margaret’s work to affect positive change.”
E.M., Energy Sector, Pearland, Texas: “Margaret Johnson gave me a voice and resources to have impacting conversations in a business not accustomed to hearing women’s voices.”

M.H., IMA, Houston Chapter: “If your organization is in need of an insightful, well-rounded and highly energetic speaker or coach that draws the audience into the presentation and maximizes the take-away from the session, I highly recommend Margaret Johnson.”

K. M. Beasley, President, ABWA (American Business Women’s Association), Greenspoint Chapter: “Margaret spoke to my organization and she was fabulous! Her presentation gave us new insights and inspiration. I highly recommend her to speak to any group that needs motivating. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.”

J.M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana: “The ‘Glass Is Half Full’ session was so empowering! Margaret helped me to realize that the only thing that can stop me from reaching my goals is myself. I actually felt the movement from SOS to SWOW! She changed my outlook on my situation and helped me to find a new confidence. I am now inspired to be the best that I can be; and to focus on what I want and where I want to be, not on what’s holding me back.”

Tyler B., SWE (Society of Women Engineers), University of Arkansas : “Your talk at the Region C Conference was exactly what I needed. Your systematic approach to address concern was perfect to address some design project communication issues I am facing! Also, your enthusiasm and optimistic attitude gave me energy to start a new week with a positive outlook. Thank you for reaching out to us!”

J.G., Chevron Phillips Chemical, Pasadena, Tx: “I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class and that you are a great teacher. I looked forward to going to class, to see what new and fun ideas you were going to teach us that day. I know that I will start applying, the skills I have learned in your class in my next training session. You made the class one to remember.”

J.W., Houston Texas: “Margaret Johnson’s coaching, training and direction is very beneficial….She has helped me achieve many breakthroughs as she is excellent at helping you to get to a clearer picture of what you can focus on to overcome challenges and realize opportunities as they unfold. I have put to use many ideas that I have arrived at through Margaret’s coaching.”

B.G., Friendswood, Texas: “Thank you for taking the time to work with me — helping me do a better job staying focused. It was your training style of mixing serious business with laughter that was so effective.”

S.W., Clear Lake City, Texas: “Margaret’s coaching session for our team was energizing and thought-provoking. The exercises and discussions are aimed at getting you to know more about yourself, your likes, your strengths, and what you want out of life. And to think differently! The creative approaches offered provided new insights into ways to be truly successful in getting more out of life, whether it be a new job/career, new skills, or improved relationships. This is a personal investment you cannot afford to overlook.”

M.L., Houston, Texas: “I just wanted to follow up and again say what a great presentation you gave. There were a lot of points that landed with me…the way I perceive things…my default reactions….my self-talk. Your perspectives were refreshing and reaffirming. Because of your talk, I am challenging myself and my views on a more consistent basis and it is helping. Life is a blessing. Our view is a choice.”

D.S., Pearland, Texas: “The classes Margaret taught were among the best I ever took at the company – and I have been here 34 years. Her approach was innovative and she did an excellent job in gaining active participation from all attendees and had the ability to make practical applications to work situations. My employees who attended her classes provided consistent, positive feedback – and I noticed measurable improvements as a result.”