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How to decide what kind of at home business
a busy mom should start?


There are three questions you want to ask yourself when you begin to think about starting your own business.

1)How much time do I have to invest in a business per week?
Today we have so many options to help us work from around our families because of the internet. It truly gives you the freedom to design your life and reach billions of people all around the world, which I did not have when starting my first business almost 20 years ago. However, you still need to sit down with a weekly plan sheet and figure out exactly how much time you can devote to a business each week especially as a busy mom.  A more traditional business like becoming a beauty blogger, coach or a service based consultant is going to require more of a time investment than the many wonderful direct sales and network marketing opportunities. They allow you to ability to step into a business model

Without having to develop the entire business plan.  

2) What financial resources do I have available?
Just like the time consideration, you must figure out how much money you have to invest and how long you can work a business without profiting.  More traditional businesses require a bigger financial investment.  You can “boot strap”, but that means you are not taking a profit, so you have to figure out how long you can do that.  Direct sales and network marketing opportunities do not require the same amount of financial investment, but you will need to invest something, so you need to know up front how much do I have.  More traditional businesses can take as long as 3 to 5 years to be totally profitable.  Direct sales and network marketing can be 3 to 5 months, so understanding this when starting out is so important.

3) What gifts, talents of experience can I monetize?  
I truly believe that everyone has something they can monetize and turn into a business.  Begin by taking an inventory of the things you are really good at, so that you can begin to find what you can turn into a business.  Ask yourself, what can I do with my eyes closed?  What do people always ask for me help with?  And what would I do for free?

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The Importance of Money Mindset &
How Our Past Experiences Shape
Our Spending AND our children’s.

How we relate to money today is completely shaped by our past experiences and most likely a result of what we were taught between the ages of 2 and 5.

Between the ages of two and 5 our conscious brains begin to form and our core beliefs are developed by what we are taught directly and indirectly.  Then our life experiences either solidify these truths or totally change them.  

What you believe about something will determine how you act and therefore the results you see in your life. This all happens on a subconscious level, so you are not even aware you have a belief that limits you and holds you back.  I completely understand because I have been there myself.  This is exactly how I went from millionaire to bankrupt and living on food stamps.  We must begin to think about what we are thinking about, so that we can create the life that God intends.  

If you grew up being told that the rich get richer or that there was never enough money, you will take that belief on in your core and it will guide you without you realizing.  What we think about, we truly bring about. And what we model to our children will do the same thing in their lives.  


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Snowe’s Bio

snowe-saxmanSnowe Saxman is a Success, Wealth & Women’s Expert + two-time Amazon Best Selling Author, also known as the Money Oracle.  She was a millionaire at age 25, living on food stamps + bankrupt by age 35 and now she is earning multiple six figures on her way to Millions again. She is married to love of her life, Paul. They have 7 children and 2 grandchildren.  Yes, Snowe is a Glamma.  Someone way too young and gorgeous to be called Grandma.  She has been able to channel a painful past into a purposeful future and rebuild her global empire by teaching women God-Inspired success, financial & business strategies. Snowe had been featured on The Huffington Post, US News & World Report,, Fast Company and hundreds  of radio stations across the country.

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