David G. Hallman releases a collection of short stories


David G. Hallman does it again, with “Book Tales”

Author of “Searching for Gilead” and “August Farewell” releases collection of gay short stories


A well-received author of gay books, David G. Hallman, has released a collection of short stories.


“Book Tales” is a collection of literary short stories, about living and loving as an openly gay man.


“These stories revolve around the characters’ interactions with a piece of literature,” Hallman said. “The tales are emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating, while exploring the joys and heartaches, ups and downs, of personal and social relationships.”


Hallman is an established author, having published a number of books on environmental and social ethics, throughout his career, as well as a memoir, “August Farewell,” written after the loss of his long-time partner. He later authored a gay novel, “Searching for Gilead.”


Along with “Book Tales,” Hallman’s books have earned him the coveted “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” awards.


“I’m so thrilled with the reception this book has already received,” Hallman said. “I find pure passion in connecting with readers who share my love of literature.”


For more information, visit: http://www.DavidGHallman.com


Book Tales

By David G. Hallman

ISBN: 978-1-53200-248-9

Available at iUniverse and Amazon


About the author

David G. Hallman worked on international environmental ethics for most of his career and, during that time, authored five books. His writing has branched out in a new direction with the release of his memoir, “August Farewell.” He has since released his novel, “Searching for Gilead,” and the short story collection, “Book Tales.” He lives in Toronto, Canada.