VHP Author Neva Squires-Rodriguez ~ an update

I was very pleased to introduced VHP Author Neva Squires-Rodriguez in 2014 soon after she joined the Vanilla Heart Publishing team. You can read that first interview in the Potpourri Parlor right here 

NevaNeva’s been quite busy in the two-plus years that she’s been a VHP star. I asked her a few questions to update how she has been doing —

So please come on in to my Potpourri Parlor and meet Neva Squires-Rodriguez, AGAIN.

Q: What’s changed in the past 2 years – what else have you learned as a writer?  
A: Over the last two years I have really developed my social media skills.  With a ton of hard work, I was able to grow my following on Twitter and Goodreads, which is good because using these outlets helps to promote sales.

Q: What is the newest, biggest news in your professional writing life? 
A: The Anthology that I was a part of this past May, “Mother’s Day Magic” hit the best seller list.  This was extremely exciting and interesting, because I was able to learn so much from this group of authors.

Q: What are your other writing endeavors?
A: I currently write a weekly column for Reflejos Bilingual Newspaper, a newspaper that reflects the life of Latinos in the suburbs of Chicago.  I really enjoy writing for this newspaper because it helps to promote the positive in the Latino community.

Q: How has writing changed your personal life?
A: I am definitely the same person, I just would rather sit at a computer and type.  Often I become lost in conversations, planning out my next story as I stare off into space.   It’s hard because sometimes my imagination is a bit overwhelming!  How do your family members feel about your being a published author?  It’s always interesting to see copies of my books on my relatives’ coffee tables.  Sometimes I forget that I was the one who wrote it and the Liliana Series covers always get me with their beauty.

Q: How has your personal life (ie: work) affected your writing? 
A: Over the last year I have really taken a step back from my writing, due to various things going on in my life such as work and well stress.  My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pulmonary Cancer this past year and this past November, her body succumbed to the disease.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?.
A: Next year my New Year’s Resolution is going to get this amazing story I’ve been working on finished and published.  It’s really going to be mind-blowing because it’s going to be different than any place I’ve ever written about before. (That’s always fun, because I enjoy doing research, especially when I’m learning about different cultures.)

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