Book Review ~ NAKED WORDS 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email

Make sure your message gets delivered

NAKED WORDS 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email

by Gisela Hausmann

In a world where 100-billion emails are being sent every day you need to read
NAKED WORDS: The Effective 157-Word Email by Gisela Hausmann.

Ms. Hausmann loaded this book with lots of amazing tips to make your emails stand out, get opened and read. If you want your message to get delivered use some of these tips. Spark interest in what you have to say beginning with the sender’s name (yours) and the subject line. The length, 157-words, is a guide, a suggestion that will help your email get read in entirety; make your email too long and the reader will probably get bored before you even present your message, too short and it looks like you don’t care so why should the reader?

Gisela Hausmann helps us to make our emails stand apart from the rest from greetings to salutation. Keep the email friendly but not too familiar, spell the recipient’s name correctly, use numbers in the subject line, get to the point early, and, very important, read the email aloud before you hit send to make sure it flows smoothly.

While this book may be targeted at emails, the author provides a lot of great advice that every writer can use in cover letters, face-to-face meetings and most writing projects. I highly recommend it.      (reviewed by Chelle Cordero)



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