Book Review: The Evolution Delusion by Dr. Bo Kirkwood

A Long-Term Debate Ends With Truth: The Evolution Delusion


Is this universe the product of a loving God or just the natural consequence of a chain of events? In The Evolution Delusion (Truth Publications), author, family practice doctor and Biblical scholar Dr. Bo Kirkwood provides believers with the scientific evidence to refute evolution, the most pervasive scientific dogma of our time.

“The purpose of this book is to debunk the nonsense of evolution,” Dr. Kirkwood says. “Those reading this book will come to understand the molecules-to-man evolution theory is no more scientific than creationism and is more philosophic than scientific.”

Dr. Bo Kirkwood is a Board Certified Family Physician in Pasadena, Texas where he has practiced for 32 years. He serves on the faculty of two medical schools in Houston, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health Science Center of Houston. Author of Unveiling the DaVinci Code, he also coauthored A Case for Life: Christian Ethics and Medical Science with his two brothers, Dr. Ron Kirkwood and Dr. John Kirkwood.

Dr. Kirkwood received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and biology from the University of Houston and a master’s degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston Clear Lake City. He then graduated from the University of North Texas Health Science Center before returning to his hometown to practice medicine. Dr. Kirkwood is an elder at the Parkview Church of Christ and has lectured on evolution and creation for many years. His popular series on this topic can be found at

Amazon Customer Review

5 stars Well thought out and developed  reviewed by Thomas Law 
Excellent! Well thought out and developed. The author makes a compelling case which everyone should read. Although the author is not reticent about expressing his own personal opinion with regards to the various options he does not do it in an overbearing way. Actually, he is very objective in the way he presents the material making sure to clearly show all of the various thoughts either historically or currently held on the subject. He shows why some find them appealing and explains the deficiencies. This is a book which everyone who is remotely interested in the origin of life should read. Those who have made it their life work, either in the world of science or religion, would do well to read the material presented so that they can have a clear understanding of all of the various ways in which this subject has been and is being defended and discussed. Finally, those who have a problem with the author’s perspective will find that their views have been fairly treated and will need to, at least, tip their hat to a job well done. Those who are in agreement with the author will feel vindicated and affirmed.

For more information, please visit:

The Evolution Delusion
Dr. Bo Kirkwood
Truth Publications
Available at the publisher’s website and online everywhere
ISBN-13: 9781584274070




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