Book Promo: D-Day (Time Patrol) by Bob Mayer

D-Day (Time Patrol)
by Bob Mayer

The 6th of June is the Day of Days

Same date; six different years, the Time Patrol must save our timeline from the SHADOW by preserving our past to protect our timeline from annihilation.

History is made by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The fact that often time’s history doesn’t record the heroics of these people doesn’t alter that. The missions on 6 June range from:

1944 A.D.: Parachuting in behind the beaches of Normandy and linking up with the Resistance to insure the last ‘good war’ ends the way history records.

478 B.C.: At the Pythian Games in Greece in 478A.D., where art and war merge.

452 A.D.: A monster’s lair in 452 A.D. where a man becomes the legend of Beowulf.

1843 A.D: At West Point, where a middling cadet, small in stature, named Ulysses S. Grant is trying to survive and graduate, with his curious brain that mixes war and art.

1998 A.D.: In a secret nuclear weapons depot in Pakistan, where the saber-rattling of nuclear tests is getting ready to escalate into Armageddon; a war to end all wars.

And, strangest of all, a mission thousands of years into pre-history, to the day Art is born.

While history doesn’t record the heroics by the ordinary, there are those who do notice. And there are those who want to stop those ordinary people and change our history in order to create a time tsunami and wipe our present out of existence.

It is up to the Time Patrol to send an agent back to six different years on the 6th of June and make sure that doesn’t happen!

From the Author

6 June 1944 was a day owned by the ordinary person. From the French civilian in the invasion’s path and those in the Resistance; to the British, Canadian, American and Free French soldiers who were in the largest assault in history. And there are other 6 Junes, such as the first human draw on the wall of a cave, changing who we are as a species forever.

bob mayerI love researching these books, because I learn so much about events I’d only briefly covered in my history classes. I hope you enjoy reading about them too!

I write these with the extensive help of my wife, who is a walking font of useless information that always ends up becoming very useful. She has worked with a number of authors, including several NY Times bestsellers; indeed, one book she worked on with a #1 NY Times bestselling author was nominated for an Edgar and an Agatha. We hope you share our love of history and adventure.

From the Inside Flap

The Time Patrol series features the same date, six years in the past, with six missions to each to preserve our timeline. Books already written:
Time Patrol, which shows how the Nightstalkers transition and are recruited to become the Time Patrol.
Black Tuesday: 29 October.
Ides of March: 15 March
D-Day: 6 June
Independence Day: 6 July (coming later this year)
Nine-Eleven: 11 September (coming later this year)
All Hallows Eve: 30 October (coming later this year)
Day of Infamy: 7 December (coming later this year)
Valentines Day: 14 February (coming in 2017)

From the Back Cover

There once was a place called Atlantis. 10,000 years ago, it was attacked by a force known only as the Shadow, on the same day over the course of six years. The last attack led to Atlantis being obliterated to the point where it is just a legend.
There are many Earth timelines. The Shadow comes from one of those alternate timelines (or perhaps more than one). It is attacking our timeline by punching bubbles into our past that can last no more than 24 hours. In each bubble, the Shadow is trying to change our history and cause a time ripple. 
By itself, a single time ripple can be dealt with, corrected, absorbed. But a significant time ripple that is unchecked can become a Cascade. And six Cascades combine to become a Time Tsunami.
That would be the end of our timeline. And our existence. 
To achieve its goal,the Shadow attacks six points in time simultaneously; the same date, in different years.
The Time Patrol’s job is to keep our timeline intact. 
The Time Patrol sends an agent back to each of those six dates to keep history the same.
This is one of those dates:  6 June.  D-Day