A Modern Love Exercise from Pouline Middleton, a Modern Love Coach

One Woman Three Men Introduces Modern Love Exercise
A Radical New Approach to Dating and Romance

Is there anything new to be said about love, sex, and marriage? YES, there is. A new novel, based on the true story of a truly modern woman, Pouline Middleton, proposes that it is time for a new model of dating for women — One Woman Three Men.

Following a divorce and then a relationship with a cheating man, Pouline Middleton decided that trying to get all a woman’s needs fulfilled by a single man may no longer make sense in today’s world. What she needed and many other modern women may need to find are 3 men: one for conversation, one for sex, and a handyman to do work around the house.

“Women are bombarded with stereotypes about love and a woman’s role in it,” says Middleton. “The popular models of romance today for women are so limiting. There’s the Florence Nightingale housewife model or the Lady Macbeth executive woman model. In either case, the woman isn’t getting all she needs to be independent, intellectually challenged and respected, as well as loved and cherished. So why not separate out your needs, and find three different men, one for each need?”

Given that infidelity is rampant and that 40% of first marriages end in divorce, Middleton’s ideas are striking a chord in so many women who are struggling with love. “I’m not against marriage, but the fact is, most of the time, things go wrong because people have too many expectations of each other and their expectations are not very concrete. With this three-men model, everybody delivers only what they want to and agree to, and it’s a win-win situation,” says Middleton. When she first published the book in Denmark, it became a bestseller and Middleton was interviewed on every major radio and TV show.

Her novel, One Woman Three Men is being published in the US in March 2016 by Over And Above Press. The book turns Middleton’s true-life experiences into a witty, provocative and saucy novel, a kind of melange of Eat Pray Love, Bridget Jones’s Diary and 50 Shades of Grey. Written in the form of a diary, the main character Elizabeth experiments with the three-men model of love and sex, dating many men over the course of four months and discovering how many men believe they are a ”3-in-1” but continue to show that sex is their main priority!

One Woman Three Men is a fun read,” says Middleton. ”But under the humor is a serious look at modern love and sex, and options like open relationships, polyamory, and even secret sex societies! I think single and divorced women of all ages today have a lot of choices and options for relationships, and they have every reason to rethink what they want from men . . . and how to get it. I think my book will help women everywhere with new ideas and new ways to enjoy men.”

About the author:

Pouline Middleton has been a Modern Love coach since 2010. Danish by birth, she holds a M. Sc. in Economics and has worked extensively around the world. She worked for several companies in sales and marketing until she decided to become a coach.  Pouline actually lived with the three-men model for a period in her own life, but did meet ‘the one’ in 2013 and is now happily married.

One Woman Three Men is based on my own personal experiences having had three men: a philosopher to talk to, a lover for sex and a handyman for practical tasks.

I used the model to find out what is important for me in love and how to stick to it in a concrete relationship. I’ve since met one man and married him, and I’ve never felt better.

I’ve also written a handbook called Seven Roads to Love. It identifies four roads that men should take to get more and better love in their life and three roads that women should follow. It also tells about three roads not to take, since they lead you away from love.” ~ Pouline Middleton


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