Book Review: Nightlife: A Stories from the Shadows Short Story by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

A Short Story from
Nightlife: Stories from the Shadows

A Seattle Homicide cop works nights – and that is a good thing – she is half-vampire. Detective Lilah Evans gets called to a dead body found just blocks from a nightclub where a girl went missing only hours before. She must find out if there’s a connection, and do her damnedest to solve the crime, all while protecting her secret.

Amazon Customer Reviews

5 stars  Way to go Gwendolyn Jensen by Jennifer Baratta 
Amazing wow. Hard to put down. Will definitely read more from you Second one will be worth the wait. Jennifer Baratta

5 stars  Not Sleeping in Seattle by Pepper 
This is a very good short story by a new(ish) author. The story kept my attention and kept me wondering at the same time. I am usually an HP Lovecraft and his school freak, which, so far, this is not; and I am looking forward to more of these stories, even without tentacles. There is obviously a great deal of background to this story and only a small part of it has been revealed.

Has some (good) resemblances to Juliet Blackwell’s “Witchcraft Mysteries,” a personal favorite of mine.

5 stars   Great introduction of characters by Andrea R. 
Great introduction of characters. I’m already attached to Lilah and I look forward to more of her adventures. Appreciate the attention to detail that allows me to stay with the story instead of questioning the author’s intentions.

About the Author

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodward lives in the Pacific North West with her cats, her husband and her youngest daughter, (the eldest making her way in Spokane Wa). In her free time, she likes to play video games, chat with people world wide, and work as a voice over and audio book actress. She writes mostly fantasy, but has been known to dabble.