Book Review: Signs of Life, Love, and Other Miracles by Stephanie Kirz

Signs Of Life, Love And Other Miracles:
A Moving Tale Of Love Lost And Found

Similar to the bestselling Eat, Pray, Love, Stephanie Kirz pens an emotional tale of the love she lost when her husband unexpectedly passed away and how she found him again in special moments throughout the world.  She documents her 5-year journey in Signs of Life, Love and Other Miracles (White Dog Press).

When a 30-plus year marriage is shattered by tragedy, something compels author Stephanie Kirz to pack her bags and embark on a mysterious journey to faraway places that changes her life and fulfills her destiny, but not without a few bumps in the road.

A travel writer and now a widow, she visited five countries searching for a sign, any sign of life from her late husband, and unexpectedly discovers death is not the end. His presence and enduring love were marked by reoccurring miracles placed in her path.

As she wandered heartbroken through Egypt, Thailand, Wales, Mexico and Italy, she found solace in the traditions of ancient cultures that celebrate the life of someone that has passed away, not mourn their death. Her unrelenting quest to find answers led her to surprising knowledge of cultures rich in honoring, and connecting with the deceased, which she shares in this book.

Realizing she was not alone in feeling or sensing that her husband was still with her in spirit, she found many others who shared her secret. Friends, neighbors, and complete strangers contributed enlightening stories about seeing or sensing a sign of life from a loved one who had passed on. These inspiring accounts from the author as well as those people she met on her path offer insight into how to stay open to these miraculous signs of life, and hope that there is a way to reach into the hearts of lost loved ones on the other side and connect gloriously into the unknown.

“Signs of Life, Love, and Other Miracles offers heartwarming, inspirational words to heal a grieving heart,”  comments Kirz.  “My story is a love story about lost love and found love in the most unusual places.”

Amazon Customer Reviews:

5 stars   I couldn’t put this book down reviewed by meac 
This book was given to me as a gift and I was at first reluctant to read it — thought it would be a downer book about death — but I was absolutely surprised to find the pages so full of hope and even humor that I couldn’t put it down! The author offers us a journey not only into her own experience, but into the global human experience of resilience. I am grateful for this book — it itself is a sign of life and love.
5 starsIf you are thinking about buying it–do it! reviewed by Amazon Customer 
This is important topic for us all to know and be familiar. …..I found great comfort in this book and related to the authors need for hearing from a loved one that has passed. Well written and a topic I hunger to know more about ……especially if you recently have lost a loved one in your life.


5 starsPowerful love story reviewed by Voracious 
This is a wonderful, moving love story, that takes the reader on a journey right along with the writer. It was a warm experience to find similar experiences in other people. In an age when 50% of american’s divorce, that this couple lived and prospered until death they did not part.


About the Author

After a successful thirty-five year, award-winning career in advertising and public relations, Stephanie started a small publishing company, White Dog Press, Ltd. with five books currently in print.  Avid cyclists, she and her late husband pedaled 4000 miles across America, through China, Bali, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, Sicily and Costa Rica. Stephanie wrote travel articles and her husband, a photographer, provided photos for the articles that ran in such publications as The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, France Magazine and more.

Stephanie makes her home on the west coast and continues to travel throughout the world. Now a practicing couch potato, she is working on her next book, MORE Signs of Life, Love, and Other Miracles. For more information about Stephanie, visit her website at or follow her on Facebook.