Book Promo: Stop the Fight! by Dr. Brody

Clever Illustrations In Stop The Fight!
Show Couples The Way Out Of Fights
And How To Build A Lasting Relationship

The first of its kind, this cleverly illustrated relationship guide helps couples literally see their way out of hurtful, repetitive arguments. Relationship conflict is complex and challenging to change. But in her work with couples, clinical psychologist Michelle Brody developed a way to make change a bit simpler. Using evocative drawings and diagrams that illustrate the hidden forces that drive the most familiar battles, Dr. Brody shows couples effective strategies for finding a way out in her new book, Stop the Fight! (The Experiment; $15.95; October 27, 2015; 978-1-61519-280-9).

Whether her clients were caught in the Partner Improvement Fight, the “You Don’t Care About Me” Fight, or the Difficult Relatives Fight, the pictures unlocked the destructive cycle. Her clients immediately “got it”—they could literally see with their own eyes what was blocking their bond, and together chart a course to recognize the triggers to fights … to end them. Stop the Fight! pairs more than 300 instantly graspable illustrations with Dr. Brody’s proven, pragmatic advice. It’s a one-of-a-kind relationship manual—concise, easy to use, and results oriented.

One of Dr. Brody’s colleagues aptly sums it up this way: “Over the years, Michelle has found that highlighting through diagrams and drawings some of the patterns in which clients get entrenched creates an “aha” moment for them and helps to lead them out of these destructive cycles… Stop the Fight! is all about the ordinary fights that happen between couples and how to stop them, but the helpful tools provided are applicable not just to couples, but to any collaborative dynamic – at home, work or anywhere in between.”

About the Author

Michelle Brody, PhD, is an executive coach and clinical psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience as a practicing therapist and a specialist in resolving relational conflict. Her background also includes extensive experience in teaching, coaching, and scientific research. She has served for more than a decade as a senior trainer for psychologists and as a business consultant, teaching others what will (and won’t) catalyze lasting change. Dr. Brody is the founder of Coaching for Couples, an innovative practice for couples seeking time-efficient change.

Available at:
The Experiment
Stop the Fight! How to Break Free from the 12 Most Common Arguments
and Build a Relationship That Lasts
Michelle Brody, PhD, with Illustrations by Emily Tomasik
Publisher: The Experiment
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1615192808
ISBN-13: 978-1615192809


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