Katherine Hayward ~ A Woman of Vision

Celebrating All Of Life With Renewed Significance

Katherine: A Woman of Vision

In the rush of our busy lives today, spiritual connectedness is easy to overlook. Diane Pomerance, Ph.D. was sharply reminded of her significance in the grand scheme of things when she met renowned spiritual teacher Katherine Hayward at the age of 28. Now she’s celebrating the life of the visionary, psychic and healer with the publication of Katherine: A Woman of Vision (Polaire Publishing).

Born in Wales in 1899, living in the UK against the backdrop of World War I and World War II, Katherine Hayward was only seven years old when she had her first out-of-body experience and met “angelic beings.” The angels advised her to return to her physical body; she had much work to do on earth. When she awoke she had acquired gifts with which to accomplish that work. She spoke with a full, mature adult voice, and knew the future, making many predictions including the sinking of the Titanic. She also instinctively knew the truth about people and when they were lying, and the outcome of local and national events, including political elections.

Her predictions were not mere parlor tricks. At the age of 20, along with her husband and parents, Hayward began to communicate with Spirit Beings daily for six months, receiving from them a remarkable body of information about life on earth and witnessing extensive paranormal and psychic phenomena. This led her to further develop her psychic abilities and she began to bring great comfort and solace to many people who had lost loved ones by communicating with those who had passed on and proving to the bereaved that life continues after death.

Even more important, at this point Hayward began to understand and appreciate her life’s purpose as well as the Greater Purpose and meaning of Life and Death. She continued her spiritual journey and traveled all over the world with her message that there is no death, human beings are immortal, and life on earth is a school in which we learn to evolve spiritually. These insights profoundly affected the young Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., who subsequently dedicated her life to animal and environmental welfare and to spiritual research and exploration.

For many years Diane studied and conducted research into various world religions and philosophies ranging from Hinduism and Buddhism, to Spiritualism and Theosophy, Sufi to Subud. A popular speaker, she speaks of the interconnectedness and interdependence of the whole of life. She is an ardent animal lover and advocate who has rescued, rehabilitated and adopted more than 46 dogs over the past decades. Pomerance has authored nine books and is best known for her books about animal companionship, specifically the human-animal bond and grief recovery. Sharing the story of her mentor Katherine Hayward has been a labor of love. For more information, please visit www.drdianepomerance.com.

Katherine: A Woman of Vision
By Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.
Polaire Publishing
November 2015
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and www.drdianepomerance.com
ISBN-13: 978-1936315000
ISBN-10: 1936315009

About the Author

Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., is the author of nine books, most of which are nonfiction about animals. She is an ardent animal lover, and has a profound respect for nature and all living creatures. Spirituality is the passion of her life, and she has dedicated her life to spiritual research and exploration. She holds a Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communications from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Telling the life story of her remarkable spiritual teacher and mentor Katherine Hayward, with whom she studied for five years, has been a labor of love and a landmark of her writing career.

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