Book Promo: Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

Meditation as a Way of Life:
Simplifies The Path To Inner Growth And An Enriched Spiritual Life

“One of the best meditation guides in years. Clear, uncomplicated, inspiring, and straight from the heart of a true expert who’s been there. Highly recommended.” ~ Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words

Among primers on meditation, Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda is unique in that it uses the universally applicable teachings of Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda to guide readers who treasure inner growth and are looking for reliable direction for how to achieve it in an authentic and sustainable way, offering specific, time-tested principles and how-to exercises for cultivating the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a meditation-based spiritual life from a classical yogic perspective.

Rev. Alan L. Pritz, a disciple of Yogananda, distills the teachings of many other spiritual traditions and religions, including Christianity, into an interfaith perspective that will appeal to all seekers of the Divine. Specific elements include foundations of spiritual practice; benefits of energy-building exercises, affirmations, and healthy lifestyle regimens; instructions in mantra practice and inner-sound meditation; techniques for effective prayer, and guidelines to measure inner practice.

Throughout the narrative, Rev. Pritz adds touching and sometimes humorous personal stories, speaking to the reader authentically as a fellow practitioner rather than a master or guru.  He concludes the book with an appendix that contains a discussion about the differences and similarities between spirituality and religion.

The accessible narrative and universal themes in Meditation as a Way of Life make it enjoyable to read and life-enhancing to apply.

Rev. Alan Pritz is an Interfaith Minister, meditation teacher, spiritual counselor/life coach and consultant who’s trained in and taught inner sciences for over 40 years. Inspired by the universally applicable teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Rev. Alan helps individuals and organizations address spiritual growth or work/life issues from a higher perspective framework. For more information about his activities visit:

Available on at:
Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice
Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda
By Alan L. Pritz
Published by Quest Books
ISBN 978-0-8356-0928-9
$17.95 paperback/288 pages

About the Author:

Rev. Alan Pritz is a spiritual disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and Interfaith Minister who draws on 40+ years’ experience with inner development training to serve as a meditation teacher and spiritual counselor/coach. Selected by the US Army Reserves as Meditation & Life-Balance Provider for a Combat Veteran Reintegration Program, his Minneapolis-based private practice, Awake In Life, is also a referred source for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Alan specializes in meditation training and related practices to help individuals and couples enhance spiritual growth, reconcile religious indoctrination issues, or, address complex life issues such as meaning & identity, career, relationships, sexuality, eating, depression, anxiety, finances, work-life balance – all from a higher-perspective. Alan also offers corporate programs and coaching for businesses, managers, or teams interested in meditation and related inner-balance or spirituality themes. In addition, Alan provides periodic public meditation trainings and facilitates chanting & meditation gatherings in the St. Paul / Minneapolis area. Author of two books on meditation plus several related CDs, Alan’s principle focus is helping people to live and grow spiritually.


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