Book Review: The Butterfly That Returned by Serene Martin

You are born again every moment when you allow yourself to just be.”
The Butterfly That Returned by Serene Martin

A Delightful Collection  5 stars
This book is a collection of thought provoking snippets celebrating inspiration, self-worth, and happiness. Reading it was an uplifting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it for anyone who might be in need of encouragement or who is seeking a level of calm.
~ reviewed by Chelle Cordero
*disclaimer: book was received free in exchange for an honest review.

The Butterfly That Returned is a collection of 33 heartfelt messages that celebrates that beaded crystal of inspiration that followed you everywhere you went since you were born. Sometimes, it stayed in the background while you busily went about your day. Sometimes, it came out from the shadows and burned so brightly that your heart ached with joy. Very often, it was quickly forgotten. Today, it returns to you and reminds you it is yours to keep.

About the Author

Long before she wrote The Butterfly That Returned, Serene Martin was an Assistant Superintendent at a maximum-security prison and a college teacher. In her life experiences, she saw the stifling consequences of social conditioning and external pressure on individuals. She became increasingly drawn instead towards the often underestimated power of intuition. In a world of ceaseless distractions, her writing visits an authentic place of conscious knowing within the reach of everyone who has the courage to follow the call of their heart.When she’s not writing, you can find Serene travelling, doing yoga, finishing a bar of chocolate and hunting for easier ways to transition to a vegan diet. Born and raised in Singapore, she is currently exploring the world with her husband with a pocketful of dreams.

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