Meet Peter Andrew Sacco, PhD

The Internet Apocalypse?  It Could Happen.
Would The World Be Better Or Worse Off?


There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives – but is it for the better? Could we survive and manage without it? Kids would undoubtedly have the worst time since most can’t even “unplug” from their phones or social media when they should be sleeping. Peter Sacco is an internationally-renowned, bestselling author whose new book, The Internet Apocalypse? The world without internet…How would you survive? is a fun read that challenges us to think about how, or if, we would survive a world without technology.

Zombie apocalypses: the Ebola virus, Sars, AIDS, earthquakes – you name it – tend to scare the heck out of people with “What ifs?” Word gets spread rapidly through the Internet and social media and people start wondering if this is ‘the beginning of the end of the world!’ Could the world really end because of one of these catastrophes or pandemics? So what about an ‘Internet Apocalypse?’ Would people, especially young adults, survive? How many people would literally go insane, turn to drinking/drugging, or become violent without access to texting or online social media? Would this be like the ice age for technology? Don’t forget, this is the only life the ‘Y’ generation has ever known!

This highly entertaining book explores what the world would be like without Internet technology should the earth get attacked with solar flares or meteors. It is a survival guide of sorts that points out we might actually not be worse off, possibly better, considering how people’s communication skills have suffered thanks to texting, or online addictions to pornography, infidelity, gambling, shopping, or social media bullying. Do you have what it takes to survive? A challenging thought since the threat of an Internet Apocalypse is more real than we think…

Peter Sacco, psychology professor and former private practitioner and author of many popular international books and over 700 magazine articles, presents some thought-provoking questions should a catastrophe of this magnitude occur:

•    If the Internet and texting went away, what do you think would happen?
•    How has texting changed the playing field for communication, especially between men and women?
•    Why has the Y-generation become the most entitled population?
•    Do you think this generation has become more illiterate, poorer problem solvers, etc.?
•    Do you think that the Internet/technology has increased or created a dependent or addicted population?
•    Is the Internet and texting addictive and, if so, the same way as alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc?
•    What do you think has become the number addiction because of the Internet?
•    Why has on-line bullying increased so much?

About the author:

Peter SaccoPeter Sacco has received the Award of Excellence in Teaching and lectures at universities in both the US and Canada. He currently hosts a weekly radio show, “Matters of the Mind,” which features celebrities with whom he discusses mental health, relationships and addiction issues. He is an award-winning executive producer and has hosted many documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues. Peter has also written scripts for TV commercials, as well as for Los Angeles/Canadian movie production companies. He worked with Academy Award winner Joe Mayer and also wrote Vices commercial which premiered at the Boston Film Festival. For more information, please visit his website at:

Contributing author Michael Fox has his bachelor’s of Arts in Communications/Writing and associate’s degree in English. He is a featured writer with many articles and publications.

The Internet Apocalypse? the World Without Internet... How Would You Survive?
The Internet Apocalypse? The world without internet…
How would you survive?

By Peter Andrew Sacco, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-63490-844-3




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