About Relationship Coach, author and inspirational speaker, Cynthia Belmer

Life Without Approval: My Journey From Worrying What Others Think to Embracing My Own Voice In Society, Love and Work

By Cynthia Belmer

We all have a tendency to seek other people’s approval because our deepest desire is to be loved and accepted. So if we could change the stories that block us from being our honest self, then we could achieve happiness with less stress and anxiety.

Cynthia Belmer’s Life Without Approval: My Journey From Worrying What Others Think to Embracing My Own Voice In Society, Love and Work (Hummingbird Publishing) is an inspiring memoir of a young woman’s journey from Lebanon to the United States and how finding the courage to be herself, transformed every aspect of her life.

Life Without Approval shows how you can change what you don’t like about your life through finding gifts in everything you have been through and loving yourself unconditionally, especially during your most vulnerable moments. Self-acceptance is key to experiencing your freedom and becoming your fullest expression. Belmer sets out thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter inviting you to begin your own journey toward finding your voice.

“Human emotions are universal regardless of the stories we tell ourselves,” she says, “and beneath it all, we want the same thing: to be free to be who we are and to be loved unconditionally.”

Life Without Approval is not a regular self-help book. Instead, it is a memoir that was written in the most vulnerable and transparent way, inspiring us to ask the hard question: Who am I choosing to be in relation to my experiences?

About the author:

Cynthia Belmer is a sought-after relationship and life coach, published author, inspirational speaker and student of life. She helps free-spirited women from all over the world build confidence to find and speak their true voice and create healthy loving relationships.

Cynthia’s work is focused on deep inquiry, awareness, self-love and mindfulness. She has been featured in many radio interviews and in different magazines such as MindBodyGreen, SelfGrowth, Om-Times and Elephant Journal.  Cynthia resides in Atlanta, GA.

For more information on Cynthia and Life Without Approval, please visit: www.cynthiabelmer.com .

Life Without Approval: My Journey From Worrying What Others Think to Embracing My Own Voice In Society, Love and Work
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Publisher:  Hummingbird
ISBN-10: 0692455973
ISBN-13: 978-0692455975


What’s  being said about Cynthia Belmer’s book:

Mercedes Guzman, inner child expert: “This story can change your life. I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking clarity, wisdom and an inspiration to let go of what others think and discover who they really are.”

Dr. Tamra Sattler, PHD, LMFT: “Cynthia’s story really spoke to my heart [and] allowed me to connect more to my own authenticity and truth.”

Susan Gonzalez, author and public speaker: “Cynthia’s story is thought provoking and her words are inspiring….a great reminder to explore our journey to self-love and let go of what cripples us most.”

Tanya Thomas, author and Master Anthony Robbins Coach and Speaker: “Profound and provoking…a road map to letting go of what no longer serves you.The exercises will challenge the reader to take a long hard look at their lives and encourages changes.”

Anadlu Cortes: “Cynthia Belmer is a phenomenal life coach….authentic, genuine…I highly recommend getting your hands on this book!”

Florence Strang, registered psychologist, author and public speaker: “As a Psychologist, I am in awe of the open and vulnerable manner in which Cynthia presents herself in this story….a great read which I would highly recommend, especially for women who are struggling to share their own voice!”