Book Review: Dragon Flower by Suzzana C Ryan

Dragon Flower by Suzzana C Ryan


Dragon’s don’t exist. They’re creatures of myth and magic. Mya Bellows knows better.
Gage Davis has seen dragons, smelled dragons and slain them. He isn’t a knight. Nor does he live in the dark ages.
The Dragon, a fictional creature, there are no more dragons. Inside Mya’s soul, she knew this to be false, dragons existed, and she fought every day to keep hers at bay. Then he came along, the slayer, and a legend escaped and became reality.

Amazon Customer Review

reviewed by Anne C. Schneider

What an enjoyable story. Mya is an only Dragon Child of two Dragon Parents. Female Dragons don’t breathe fire, but her family is cursed and she is a big purple dragon that breathes fire. She works at the Museum and has always been attracted to Gage. He is an archeologist that hunts for Dragon remains sites. They finally admit that they have feelings for each other. Gage tells her that he is a Dragon Slayer, thinking that she will not believe there are really dragons. Mya decides to tell him that she is a Dragon. They both remember a prophesy from the past involving true love and killing of the Dragon by the slayer or killing of the slayer by the Dragon. Read the story to see what happens. Suzanne C Ryan is a great story teller and has written a beautiful story about a Dragon and a Dragon Slayer that have fallen in love and have to deal with their true paths in life.

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