Book Review: Reaper’s Requiem by Jerrid Edgington

Reaper’s Requiem
(The Reaper Series Book 3)

by Jerrid Edgington

With the death of Bridge and their unborn child, Jacob left Idaho and moved home to Oklahoma. His life spiraled out of control and he sought out to comfort his pain in ways he never imagined possible. The fire that burned deep inside of him to utilize his paramedic skills helping people, extinguished. Each time he looked in the mirror he didn’t recognize the man that stared back at him. His mere existence depended on the crutch he grew to depend on.

Will he find his way back to the man he used to be, a man that his father was proud of, or would he continue to destroy himself?

An Amazon Customer Review
Reviewed by Sara
Jacob Myers is back!
With every bit of the intensity as the first two novels in the series and more! The author connects the world of EMS with mind boggling, emotion gripping roller-coaster of suspense, human character, and action.
The reader will sift through every emotion Jacob does as he finds his way back into the profession of a paramedic and what comes next is mind blowing!!
This book will have you at page one, and with page turning suspense with an jaw dropping ending that you would never guess!
I highly recommend this series to anyone in the medical field, and everyone who is not.
I have read all three books back to back and the series flows with such high intensity I can only hope there will be a book four.
Jerrid Edgington has delivered another novel that will not disappoint and of such brilliant talent!!

The fourth book in the series,
The Reaper Returns, will be released in 2015.

Author Jerrid Edgington is a Paramedic at Le Flore County EMS in Poteau Oklahoma. He has been in EMS for 17 years with 15 years of that as a Paramedic.