Book Review: Vampires Never Cry Wolf by Sara Humphreys

Vampires Never Cry Wolf (Dead in the City)

Vampires are nothing but trouble…
As far as beautiful vampire Sadie Pemberton is concerned, werewolves shouldn’t be sticking their noses into New York’s supernatural politics. They don’t know jack about running a city-not even that hot-as-sin new vampire-werewolf liaison who’s just arrived in town.

Werewolves are too sexy for their own good…
The last thing Killian Bane wanted was to end up in New York City playing nice with vampires. Unfortunately, he’s on a mission, and when he encounters the sexiest, most stubborn female vamp he’s ever met, he’s going to have to turn on a little of that wolfish charm…and Sadie’s going to learn a thing or two about what it means to have a wild side…

“Totally irresistible…Humphreys is undoubtedly a rising star.” –RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars, Top Pick
“This series is wildly addictive, and this is…a five-star book that you do not want to miss.” –The Romance Reviews
“A powerful love story that proves that while our past is inescapable, it is the core of our strength.” -Sarah MacLean, New York Times bestselling author of No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

Amazon Review
20890-5-stars-rating-bmp Fangs, Fur, & Forbidden Romance reviewed by Jill
Every once in a while, I dare to read a book outside of my usual comfort zone. For example, urban fantasy and paranormal romance are not often books I read. That said, I absolutely loved this book. I was lured in with the promise of kick ass vampires, sexy werewolves, and nightclubs and all of those things definitely delivered.

This book is the third in a series, but can be read alone. I hadn’t read the first two books in this collection, so this was my first introduction to this cast of characters. I loved them. Well, I liked them. I loved Killian. He is exactly what I look for in a romantic lead. He’s strong, powerful, devastatingly handsome, and stubbornly loyal. He had me hooked from the first time that he set foot into Sadie’s bar. Speaking of girls enamored by him, I really liked Sadie too. I thought she was strong and smart, though at times her pushing Killian away irritated me with how long it went on. Regardless, I loved them together and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them figure out their dangerous and forbidden relationship.

A relationship that is most definitely and satisfyingly sexual. I had never read Sara Humphreys’ books before, but I will say that woman can write one hell of a sex scene. They were steamy and primal and helped to understand the lust (and blood lust) and passion that these two have for one another. These scenes were very well done.

I liked the world building as well. It was cool hearing about how the governments/societies of the paranormal creatures work. I’d love to go for a drink at either Loup Garou, the wolf club, or The Coven, the vampire club. The people and the places sound fascinating, and they are blended in well with the normal mortal world. (read more)


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