Book Promo: A New Curtain Opens by Richard P. Matthews

Choose Life: Life for the Planet,
Life for the Animals, and Life for Yourself

A New Curtain Opens, by Richard P. Matthews, is a compelling story that reminds us we need to “Abandon our search of the cosmic heavens for a Divine power, shut down our chattering minds and swollen egos, and listen to the silence within us – for in that silence we will find the ‘Great I am’.” Written in a style similar to the #1 bestseller, The Power of Now, its layman’s terms make it an easy read. People need to focus on this connection as all animals are doing. When it comes to enlightenment, animals naturally have it. They are already connected and protected and trying to help us connect. Yet we still continue our slaughter of them and their natural habitats, mainly to feed human greed!

In A New Curtain Opens, the story begins with humans on the verge of self-destruction in a situation that’s going from bad to worse on our planet. We are introduced to a kind and caring old gentleman, Hoss Proxetter, who becomes the most unlikely superhero Hayah – whose only super power is a shield of love that boomerangs hateful acts of violence back on the perpetrators. Hayah is tasked, along with the animals, to show the human race what the earth can become if only 1% of the people connect with the ‘Great I Am’ within themselves.

While this timely book acts as a reminder that the biodiversity of life on our planet is disappearing faster than at any time in human history, it also offers a refreshingly simple path to enlightenment in a character-driven adventure that gently leads us to a place where we can choose life and healing for ourselves and our planet.

Richard P. Matthews did his graduate work in theatre at Northwestern University and the University of Utah. He is a spiritual teacher who has devoted his life to bringing others to their Spiritual Centers and the ‘Great I Am’ within. An ordained Elder in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church, Richard has been meditating since he was sixteen and practicing yoga since he was twenty-one. He travels throughout the US and Europe with the Living Bible Stories®, doing storytelling and meditation workshops, and starting new meditation groups. He is the Director of Revitalizing Ministries.

Richard is published in Swedish and English and is the author of Stories for Your Spirit and many published articles. A New Curtain Opens is the first of five novels in a series about Hayah. For more, please visit the website:

A New Curtain Opens

Available from, Kindle, Amazon and Create Space
$19.84 Paper
$9.84 Kindle
ISBN-13: 9780979810640


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