Meeting Sally Kirkwood from Housebroken


part of the River’s Edge series

by Charmaine Gordon

Sally Kirkwood, the heroine in Charmaine Gordon’s novella Housebroken, took time from her hectic schedule as a busy reporter and devoted wife to answer a few of my questions today… she really understands what an honor it is to be granted an interview, so thank you Sally…


The Interview

  1. What is the name of the book where we would meet you? What genre is it? Who are you?

Housebroken is the title. It’s the story of what happens when your last child leaves home and you’re alone with your husband for the first time in thirty years. Empty nest syndrome. Romance/Suspense and I’m the heroine.

  1. Who wrote the book?

My sometimes friend, Charmaine Gordon. We argue a lot.

  1. What do you think of the author? Tell us about her… all the nitty-gritty.

She’s bossy, always telling me what to do. And what not to do.

  1. How would you describe your appearance? Would you do anything to improve it?

Average height, kind of slim, right now I’m working on getting a job as a reporter so I pay more attention to make-up and clothes.

  1. Who is the most important person in your life, past or present?

Since Ms. Gordon created me, yes I admit it, she’s the VIP but I love my husband and always will. The kids are on their own now. It’s my turn to spread my wings.

  1. Is that person in this story? What is your relationship? What do you WANT the relationship to be?

I consider Charmaine to be the director of the story but I’m the number one lead and I want to be with my husband only; but life gets complicated.

  1. How does this person change your life? Would you do anything different if this person weren’t important to you?

When I get a well paid job with this handsome guy who owns a cable station and seems to think I’m smart and hot, my life changes. In the long run, I say NO when he wants more than the working relationship.

  1. Do you have any children? Or pets/fur-babies?

We have three kids all out of the house and by chance, I was given a gorgeous abandoned Siamese cat. Love at first sight.

  1. What are your future goals?

My goal is to dazzle the cable TV world with amazing interviews . My husband, Steve, who lost his great job, helps with editing. It’s a new phase of our life together.

  1. Do you like your name? Were you named after someone?

Sally Kirkwood sounds fine to me. The author said names float by like on a ticker tape, if you can believe it.

  1. Tell us about your job/career? Did you choose this profession for yourself or did it just “happen”? Are you happy with what you do? How important is your job to the story?

Being a reporter is what I yearned to be so I enrolled in a few classes. Not much but something to get me started.. I LOVE my work, big bucks if I get great interviews and my head is spinning. Why just the other day in the third book, I had an idea… My lips are sealed and so are the author’s.

  1. Are you happy with the story? How and what would you want the author to change in a re-write?

She did a good job of introducing me to the world and Steve’s problems came out as we sold our old house and moved to River’s Edge, Upstate NY. I came close to having an affair with the boss but I think the author saved me so good job, Ms. C.

  1. If this book were made into a movie, who would you want to play you? Why?

Julia Roberts. She’d know how to transition from plain housewife to dynamic reporter.

  1. Tell us about the “villain” in your story. What makes him/her bad or evil? What problem(s) does he/she cause? How do you honestly feel about this person?

Wealthy Lance with his fancy car is a womanizer. Predatory and so smart, Lance has created  a cable network and is well known. In some ways , he’s a boy with toys to discard. In the end he’s no match for the faithful me. I do like him and in my latest story, I’ll call on him for help. Shh. Don’t tell Ms.C.

  1. Tell us something important that happened to you BEFORE the book started?

Our youngest son got married. Instead of feeling joy at our empty nest, I cried. Steve consoled me in his special way.


I want to thank Sally and her (bossy) author friend Charmaine Gordon for allowing this interview – Housebroken and the rest of the River’s Edge series are available on Smashwords, AllRomance and Amazon-Kindle.

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3 thoughts on “Meeting Sally Kirkwood from Housebroken

  1. OMG! The ungrateful wench. But promo good or bad is always great when interviewed by Chelle Cordero. Thanks.

    • Thanks for allowing Sally some time to sit with me… she told me that you are keeping her quite busy with a River’s Edge series of terrific stories.

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