Book Review: Safe Haven by B. L. Wilson

Safe Haven

# 1 in UK Kindle Store for African American mysteries, thrillers and suspense!

A runaway wife discovers love in the arms of a female doctor who treats her broken bones and bruises then mends her broken heart.

Joanna Fairfield AKA Ms. Smith AKA June Davis is on the run from a murderous man who wants more than her love. Vicious killer Vernon Brown wants to take Joanna’s son, adopt him and kill her.

Running away for the second time on a dark stormy night, Joanna stops in a place called Eagle View, North Carolina. It’s the small town her grandmother always claimed was a good place to raise any child. Her son, Danny is ill and she needs a doctor. When she meets the town’s one and only family doctor, Dr. Ellie Winston, sparks fly.

Funny at times, poignant and deeply moving, Safe Haven, is a survivor’s tale that you’ll remember.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

5 Stars    Awesome read reviewed by Alanda Brasdley

This was an amazing book with a different spin on it, it was intriguing reading about the backgrounds for these two women and how they ended up connecting. Pleasant read
5 Stars   sweet love story reviewed by D.D.
A very sweet love story. I really liked the characters, even though Ellie was stubborn and Joanna just couldn’t stop running. The author did a good job bringing their connection to life.
About the author:
After an unpleasant publishing experience, BL decided to take control of her own fate and that of her books. She became a self-published writer two weeks before All Hollow’s Eve of this year. She enjoys writing. She loves using it to release her inner bitch through the characters she creates. Her novels and short stories allowed her to examine who she is, in black, white and various shades of gray. She can work out her ‘stuff’ through her characters. She finds it very liberating to do so. She vows to keep writing until she can’t.
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