Book Review: Blood Legacy: Covenants by Marva Mitchell

Blood Legacy: Covenants

by Marva Mitchell

Lancelot DeVignes always knew he was different. Jade Millet’s only desire was to leave the stifling little town of Keystone behind forever. Fourteen years after their childhood encounter, Lance returns to Keystone and finds that, through a mystical locket, they share an unnatural bond.
Determined to uncover the secrets of the growing darkness within him and the mysterious bond he shares with Jade, Lance’s search for the truth reveals that the legacy of the vampire is written in his blood. Together with Jade, Lance not only finds himself forced to face his rapid transition into an original vampire, but must survive the dark underworld where, the brutal orders of a secret society rule; a villainous organisation will stop at nothing to possess him and family secrets can be the difference between life and death.
Bonded by a love forged from dark nightmares, Jade and Lance are flung into the whirlwind of a dangerous world that threatens both life and sanity and propels them towards a destination they cannot predict.

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5 Stars   A gripping read set at breakneck speed
reviewed by Author Fanny Lee Savage

This fast paced book grabs you from the very beginning with likable characters and a compelling story. Jade and Lance meet for a blind date set up by Jade’s childhood friend. Soon after the meet, we discover the two share a past. From here we are introduced to a world of mythical creatures and magic and a delightful twist.
From the get-go, the plot propels the reader forward, and we follow the characters, discovering dark secrets and a world that turns out to be a dangerous place for Lance and Jade and everyone around them. Lance discovers his past is shrouded in lies and that he and Jades bond may have dire consequences.
All the characters were likable. I loved how Jade dealt with the dangers around her and Lances doubt and even at times his anger and fear. I enjoyed this story immensely and appreciate the unusual take on a classic legend, full of deliciously scary creatures and fast paced action. Ms. Mitchell has created a world were mythology and science collide lending to a believable plot in what turns out to be a clever and well constructed book. I can hardly wait to read more!

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