A message from Judy Audevard about Help Wanted by Charmaine Gordon

Hi Everyone:

I just wanted to let you know that my dear friend Charmaine Gordon has
written yet another book! (she already has 17 under her belt!) Her target
audience is geared to the over 50 mature romantic suspense reader. She lives
in Rockland County so there are always lots of references to Rockland.Her newest novel, Help Wanted, is the second in a series…. Here is a
little about it….Steve and Sally Atwood have some big adjustments to make
when they move to River’s Edge. Steve has lost his career in the corporate
world and finds work painting houses. Sally flings off her apron and pursues
her lifelong dream to be a reporter in the small town with a big
heart, where the motto is ‘Kindness to Strangers’.

The Hudson Valley Paws group is mentioned in Chapter 11!! Pat and Jessie and
Susan, Darla and Douglas are mentioned! Oh, and of course Kizzy and me! Not
to brag, but Kizzy has been in many stories that Charmaine has
written,,,even made  the cover of one of her books! Nice to have an author
friend!! Check out the fun cover on the Amazon site!

Here are links where you can checkout the book.







SMASHWORDS for All EReader Devices

including PC and Mac




This is great press for for our Paws group! Thank you Charmaine!

Judy Audevard
R.E.A.D. Trainer
Director/Volunteer Coordinator
Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause
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  1. Thanks Chelle for the title Help Wanted and for your support.

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