Book Promo: Ascending Spiral by Bob Rich

Title: Ascending Spiral: Humanity’s last chance
Author: Bob Rich
Genre: Inspirational/historical/science fiction adventure
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12,000 years ago, a person the size of Mars made a terrible mistake, destroying an entire earth-like planet. Its chosen restitution is to become a human on Earth, life after life after life, until we are also due for destruction. This person will then be required either to witness the extinction of humanity, or be instrumental in saving us.
The person now is Dr Pip Lipkin, and he has been told: this is the life, now is the time. He has been given access to a few of his key past lives to equip him for the task of working for the miracle of saving humanity from self-destruction. The novel describes the sufferings, triumphs and adventures of these past lives, and invites the reader to join Pip in saving humanity.
Padraig died, protecting his love from Viking raiders. Dermot fought the English owners of Ireland, so was transported to Australia for the term of his natural life. Through bitterness and the need for vengeance, he died while committing a horrid crime, so needed to return as Amelia, the plaything of a cruel husband. Then there were lessons to be learned as an intelligent walking plant on some far distant planet, and finally Pip, the natural healer.
Be warned: people find this book difficult to put down once they’ve started.
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Dr Bob Rich is a professional grandfather, with many grandkids all over the planet. Most initially contacted him in despair, and his emails have turned their lives around. Because he cares for all youngsters, he is a committed conservationist. His aim, and so the aim of his writing, is to tranform global culture from greed and aggression to compassion and cooperation. This will allow the ecosphere of our planet to survive, and lead to a future worth surviving in. Find out more at and

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