Hi Tor Animal Care Center Rebuild Fund

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Hi Tor Animal Care Center Rebuild Fund



In 1973, Hi Tor Animal Care Center, Inc. moved into what was then a newly built facility and began their mission of providing care for homeless animals. Over the next forty years, Hi Tor grew to become synonymous with animal shelter and adoption, serving as the only open admissions shelter in Rockland County. This year, Hi Tor partnered with RCF and started the Hi Tor Animal Center Rebuild Fund.

Hi Tor Board President Lizanne Fiorentino explains the reason for the creation of this fund. “The organization has been providing shelter to abandoned and stray animals in a county-owned facility since the 1970s. The current shelter is obsolete and in disrepair. In spite of our fiscal woes, Rockland is an affluent county and we have a responsibility to be an advocate for those animals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless. As the county’s population increases, so does the pet population. The current facility is not sufficient to accommodate the amount of animals needing shelter. We need a new larger facility designed to accommodate our growing needs.”

A rebuild committee had been formed by the Board in July 2012, and the idea for a new shelter to replace the existing one was embraced by the local community. Funds earmarked for the project were set aside, but the Board wanted more transparency. “The current Board’s goal is one of fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency. We are able to realize this goal by having the fund be a part of the Rockland Community Foundation. Their excellent work with other nonprofits made the decision easy. RCF is able to introduce the fund to those who do not know about Hi Tor, and provide the credibility and purposefulness we need. Bringing the fund to RCF adds another layer of integrity to the project,” said Lizanne.

Once the rebuild project is completed, Rockland County will enjoy a state-of-the-art facility providing enhanced animal care and adoption services. “We would like the new facility to have space for workshops, which is important for our goal of educating the community,” Lizanne continues. “Topics will include pet ownership education, spay/neuter information, and awareness of the potential health risks associated with stray animals.”

Community events are in the works. “Designer Handbag Bingo” will be held in Suffern on September 12th and a “Friend Raiser” will be held at the Nyack Seaport on October 2nd. Lizanne added, “It is our way of re-introducing ourselves and to provide information regarding our goals for the new shelter. It will kick off the revitalized capital campaign project now that the property issue has been addressed.”

The Rockland Community Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life in our county by connecting donors to the locally based causes that they care about. Working in partnership with other non-profits like the Hi Tor Animal Care Center, Inc., the Foundation is able to increase the impact of their efforts and help them more quickly achieve their project goals.

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