Book promo: What if there is a secret society among us?

Book Description

The first book of The Ancestor’s Secrets series raises questions such as: what if there is a secret society exists hidden among us with its strict rules and fiercely enforced laws, and certain members come to possess magical powers? What if finding love, despite the obstacles thrown our way, is possible? What if we could have the power to create our own future and visit the ancestors in the past? Ilona is a young doctor settled into a world of logic and reason. She inherits a world of secrets, traditions, and magical powers and is left to piece together her clan’s past, using nursery rhymes taught to her by her mother. Learning some of the secrets not only confuses her, but places her in mortal danger. When a sinister man appears, Ilona connects his presence to a series of mysterious deaths. He can influence others to kill her, but why can’t he touch her? There are clues around every corner, and the elusive answers draw her further into the world of secrets. As if the mysteries aren’t enough, her life becomes more complicated when she meets the dashing stranger. Although he saves her life by putting his own life in danger, she senses evil in him.

Protected By The Falcon: The Ancestor’s Secrets Book 1    by Erika M Szabo


About the Author

Ms Szabo was born in Hungary and writes fantasies primarily dealing with alternative Holistic healing.

She says, “I’ve been writing Natural healing books, however it never satisfied my thirst of storytelling. I was playing with the idea of writing a romantic fantasy story with ancient legends, love, plenty of secrets and mystery. I am not a literary genius, but, not knowing how to do something had never prevented me from a accepting a good challenge. ”

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