Book Review: Dance of the Heart by Susan Berry

Her DEBUT Novel!

Dance of the Heart (Moments of the Heart)

Maggie left the family farm as soon as she could after her mother’s drowning death… determined not to return. Until her sister, Jilly, convinced her to ‘come home’ to celebrate their grandmother’s ninetieth birthday.

Maggie finds everything has changed on the family farm, and their annoying new neighbor, Desmond, is far too involved in their lives.

Desmond is annoying, infuriating, and … so much more. Maggie may have to put up with him for now, but at what cost to her heart?

Amazon Reviews:

20890-5-stars-rating-bmp  Loved it!! 
By Victoria
This book is beautifully written. I love the characters and their loving (and sometimes not so loving) banter. The book has some great humor and kept me reading through the whole thing. I would reccomend this book to anyone. It’s a good clean romance with humor and great characters.
20890-5-stars-rating-bmp   Wonderful!! 
By Carolee
Loved this book from the beginning, would have read it straight through if I could have! It’s a wonderful story about the heart of a family, when Maggie comes home for her grandmother’s 90th birthday she realizes how much she loves and misses her family and their ancestral home but…she’s determined not to stay, OR fall in love. From the big storm in the beginning to the very end I totally enjoyed this family and how they persevered throughout.

About the Author

Susan Berry

Susan Berry read her first romance novel when she was ten years old. Her grandmother gave it to her to help pass the time on a long car ride to the Midwest. She grumbled as she opened the book and began reading. Ten miles later, she couldn’t put it down. The characters came alive, the tension between them building as she frantically turned the pages. She had to know how it all worked out. That experience never left her. From that day forward, she read romance novels every chance she found, and reading turned into writing, which eventually led to her first novel, a traditional romance called Dance of the Heart.

Every woman secretly wishes for a man who is both strong and charming enough to sweep her off her feet. A man who can match her independence with just enough force to break through her guarded heart. As someone who loves to escape into the pages of love, she is dedicated to the writing of such novels filled with heartfelt romance that can be shared with every generation.

Along with romance novels, Susan has written several articles regarding social issues close to her heart and had the privilege of being a guest speaker for Together We Care, a diverse group of Puget Sound collaborators who are partnering toward achieving outstanding care for individuals experiencing chronic illness in the community.

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