Book Review: Desperately Seeking Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

Desperately Seeking Fireman:
A Bachelor Firemen Novella
(Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel)

by Jennifer Bernard

Steamy novella! 

Reviewed by Harlequin Junkie Blog

In Desperately Seeking Firemen (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #4.5) by Jennifer Bernard, In the three years since Fire Captain Jeb Stone first met Nita Moreno at a wedding, his life has changed considerably. He finds himself now in a position to pursue their attraction when fate throws them together on Santa Lucia Island. But between the pregnant friend he’s there to watch over and Nita’s job cleaning up the latest scandal her boss is embroiled in, Jeb has to make their limited time count. He opts for straight-forward honesty and it just may be crazy enough to work some magic on the dark-haired beauty.

Press secretary Nita Moreno feels like she’s been to hell and back over the past few years. Now the senator, her crazy boss, is expecting her to smooth over his latest debacle with the press while hiding out on Santa Lucia Island. Nita is happy to see her reporter friend Melissa who will get the exclusive interview, but didn’t expect gorgeous Jeb Stone to be tagging along with her. Surprisingly he remembers Nita from their brief meeting years earlier and the strong spark is still there. Unsure if she should follow her attraction and let herself get caught up in the moment, Nita has to decide if an island fling will be enough of the hunky fireman for her or if she actually wants forever with him.

Desperately Seeking Fireman and is quirky and oh so charming romance novella from Jennifer Bernard. I haven’t read any of the previous books in The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series, but I didn’t need to as this can be read as a standalone very easily. But after reading about yummy Fire Captain Jeb, I will definitely be checking out the other firemen, I mean, books.

This novella follows our protagonists intermittently for about three years or so and we get to see the changes they endure in their personal lives. I really enjoyed Jennifer’s writing style. It was fun, super sexy with lots of flirting and banter going on, but there was still a lot of emotion to each scene. I thought the way she wrote the character’s responses to different situations was raw and pretty realistic, which only made the story that much better to me. They may not have always made the right decisions or have known what to do, but they did the best they could and ended up balancing each other out in the end.

I easily got the sense of sadness Nita was dealing with and how it changed not only her outlook but even her physical appearance to a certain extent. But Jeb brought out the spark in her that she had been missing. I loved how he could make her laugh and finally relax after all she had been through. Not that Jeb hadn’t been through some big changes himself. Their burgeoning relationship was so cute and had some very, very sexy moments mixed in with all the drama.

I hope you get a chance to read this endearing, steamy novella. If you’re a fan of quirky characters, fun dialogue and passionate romance, Desperately Seeking Fireman is for you.

Desperately Seeking Fireman: A Bachelor Firemen Novella