June is Audiobooks Month!

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We’re Celebrating June AUDIOBOOKS MONTH all month long! All of the VHP titles, in Print, Ebook, and Audio, of course! in this handy catalog for the first week of June!



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June Is Audiobook Month facts from the Audio Publishers Association

Audiobook Industry Facts: June Is Audiobook Month

  • In a recent consumer survey, the Audio Publishers Association learned that 25% of Americans had listened to an audiobook in the last year.
  • Audiobook listeners are avid readers who use audiobooks as a way of enjoying an author’s work when they are not able to read. 94% of audiobook listeners had read a book in the past year vs. 70% of non-audiobook listeners.
  • Many fellow authors love audiobooks. Scott Turow, Janet Evanovich, Judy Blume, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Tom Wolfe, Lisa Scottoline — all listen to audiobooks.
  • Many of them are taking to their social media networks today as part of June Is Audiobook Month. They will discuss their experiences and love of audio, as well as projects they’ve worked on or some on the horizon.
  • Most listeners use audiobooks in the car (whether they are commuting or on driving vacations) but an increasing number of people also report using audiobooks while they are exercising, cooking, gardening — and even at work.
  • The average audiobook listener spends about 5 hours a week listening.
  • Audiobooks are great for family listening on the road this summer–nothing ends the “are we there yet blues!” like a great audiobook. Audiobooks keep everyone in the car entertained while also increasing literacy skills…families can even knock out a few of the titles on a kid’s summer reading list on the way to vacation.
  • Audiobooks are a great tool for building literacy. Teachers and librarians report that listening to audiobooks helps children build better vocabularies and also helps them to read with better expression.