5-Star Reviews for Midsummer Maid by Lindsay Townsend

5-Star Reviews for
Midsummer Maid

Midsummer Maid by Lindsay Townsend

by Lindsay Townsend

5 Stars Midsummer Maid by Lindsay Townsend 
reviewed by Rosemary Morris (an Amazon review)
In Midsummer Maid Lindsay Townsend puts her fascination with and knowledge of medieval history to good use.Lindsay Townsend is to be congratulated on her short historical story in which there are intriguing glimpses of beliefs in times past – a midsummer maid appointed on the eve of the festival of St John, the priest sprinkling holy water and the midsummer maid casting flowers on the boundary of the lord of the manor’s demesne to ensure a good harvest, and the use of St John’s wort, the plant of protection.Haakon, a woodsman with the soul of `gentil, parfait’ knight and Clare a beautiful, kind dairymaid aka the midsummer maid are a memorable hero and heroine.

Midsummer Maid is well-written in the tradition of adult fairy tales in which the principal characters must triumph over obstacles.

Lindsay Townsend is also to be congratulated on some memorable phrases such as: `she was a maid created for summer, for long summer days and bright twilights.’

Book Description

He was a woodsman, a forester, a good man but cursed with the mark of the devil on his face and shunned by many.
She was a dairy-maid, caring and brave, who feared no one.
Drawn to each other on a long and fateful Midsummer Day, can Haakon and Clare overcome the superstitions of their village and the brutal, lecherous knights to break out of their bonds of class and custom and to strive for a better life – together?Historical Romance Short Story
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Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing (June 26, 2012)
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Language: English