Book Review: BRIDE FOR A CHAMPION by Lindsay Townsend

Bride for a Champion by Lindsay Townsend

Bride for a Champion by Lindsay Townsend

5 stars High-stakes Medieval Romance February 15, 2014
reviewed by Linda Banche
In BRIDE FOR A CHAMPION, Lindsay Townsend has done it again with another of her high-stakes medieval romances: Alice, a woman alone trying to protect an estate; her missing sister, Henrietta; her cold, unfeeling father, who is thankfully dead; and Simon, the arrogant knight her father has commanded her to marry. Ms. Townsend combines these elements to create a compelling story of how love can transform looming disaster.

Right from the beginning, the poor beleaguered Alice’s frustration and anger at her impossible situation leap from the page. I like Alice. She doesn’t meekly submit to her fate. She may have to marry Simon, but she won’t let him walk all over her.

At first, I didn’t like Simon. He went out of his way to annoy Alice, throwing his weight around because he could. That’s part of Ms. Townsend’s skill. Each of her heroes is always a masterwork of a hard exterior overlaying a softer core, one that only the heroine’s love can pierce.

I also like romances with something extra, and BRIDE FOR A CHAMPION has the mystery surrounding Henrietta’s disappearance. I kept turning pages to find out both how Alice’s and Simon’s story would turn out, as well as what happened to Henrietta.

For a fast-paced medieval romance with mystery, BRIDE FOR A CHAMPION is the story for you.

ARC provided by the author.