Book Promo: Leadership – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint


Leadership is a Marathon, Not a Sprint!


Many people aim to be an inspiring leader, but lack the valuable skills needed to be one. Gordon Tredgold is on hand, with over two decades of experience and his new book to try and show us how to use leadership to achieve sustainable long-term success. 

“Leadership is a choice, not a formal position. In this book Gordon shows you how to make that choice.”

Mark McGregor at Leadership Centre GmbH

Gordon’s new book “Leadership: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint”, (£xx.xx Panoma Panoma Press), explains that success that is quickly achieved is easily lost and reveals the steps to take to achieve maintainable success.

With excellent Global and International experience and having multi sector knowledge including FMCG, logistics, utilities, telecoms, aviation, banking and finance, Gordon wanted to share what he has learnt over the past 20 years in the form of a book.

Gordon says,

“I think I have an interesting perspective, not necessarily unique, but not one that people can benefit from. My approach – simplicity, transparency and focus – is a very practical one, which allows others to easily invest in the process, and consequently deliver outstanding results. My writing style it simple, clear and open, easy to follow, easy to understand, and most importantly easy to implement.”

Throughout this book, the reader will be able to understand what leadership is all about, they will be able to learn how to apply powerful leadership principles, be able to see the impact that leadership can have and become an inspiring leader themselves!

“I truly believe that Simplicity, Transparency and Focus are the keys to success, we often overlook the simple approach, are focused on the wrong, or are not transparent enough about why we do things. In this book I show examples where I have used these approaches to turn around failing projects, under performing departments, and how at 52, fat, and unfit I got myself to run my first marathon.” Gordon adds.

 “Leadership: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint”  launched on 28th November 2013. It is available from Amazon now!

About Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. He went to Manchester University, where he studied Mathematics. He is currently based in Dusseldorf.

Gordon has worked in IT for over 20 years and is a specialist in Transformational Leadership, Operational Performance Improvement, Organisational Development, Creating Business Value via IT, and Program and Change Management.

Gordon has an excellent Global and International experience having lived and worked in UK, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, USA and Germany. He also has multi sector knowledge including FMCG, Logistics, Utilities, Telecoms, Aviation, Banking and Finance.

Gordon is married to Carine, and together they have three Children. He speaks fluent French, reasonable German and is currently learning Italian. His interests are mostly sports especially cricket and rugby. Gordon is also into history, cinema, photography, travel and food.

Gordon says, “My reasoning for writing the book, and I think a good hook into the book is that I wanted to raise money for charity, so decided to run a marathon. As well as writing the book I managed to complete it in 6 months with no prior training or experience, even more I got 5 others to do the same (we ran a second marathon in Cologne in October). I will continue to run and one of the plans is to run in Athens next year over the original course from Marathon to Athens.”

Gordon will be donating 30% of profits to cancer charity, one that one of his fellow runners has set up for Ovarian Cancer.


Gordon Tredgold is the author of Leadership: It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint. Learn more about him at and about his book at

To learn more about Gordon Tredgold, visit: If you would like to connect with Gordon or discover more about his work; follow him on Twitter at @GordonTredgold, or drop an email to

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