Cross-Promote Your Writing

How To Successfully Cross-Promote Your Writing

By Writer’s Relief Staff

First, a big “Thank You” to Chelle Cordero of Potpourri Parlor for hosting Writer’s Relief for this guest post!

At Writer’s Relief, we believe that a submission strategy team is an important factor in an author’s success. Having people who support you with expert advice about where to submit your work will definitely help advance the career of any author. The same can be said for a promotional team to further your efforts in cross-promotion. And the best part is that you can start assembling your promo team right away!


The Benefits Of A Cross-Promotion Team Effort:

Increase sales – The more people you have sharing information about your latest releases on social media, the more likely your sales are to increase. As you gain new fans, the possibility of selling more copies of your book will skyrocket.

Publicize events – When one author has a book event, public reading, or contest, all promo team members spread the news. That means Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and e-mail newsletters. Don’t be afraid to let your fans know when something big is happening. They will thank you for it.

Gain more followers – By creating one group blog that all team members can post to, each contributor benefits from increased exposure. In addition, each member should guest post on other members’ blogs. This adds credibility and helps draw fans of one author or writing style to the other blogs.

Generate event buzz – Put together a group reading, a seminar, or even a daylong conference. When it comes to public relations, there’s always strength in numbers.

Garner conference attention – Visit a writing conference as a team and start a panel for like-minded authors to hear what you have to say.

Important Aspects Of Assembling A Promo Team:

When assembling your promo team, it’s a smart idea to work with authors of the same genre. For example, if you write romance fiction, you’ll want to team up with writers who also write romance fiction. This will help strengthen your author brand while reaching more of your target market.

However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid asking writers in other genres to join your promo team, especially if you’re attending conferences and seminars as a group. Each writer will bring his/her unique viewpoint to the team’s presentations, and having other genres represented will expose your writing to new readers.

If you’re unsure about how to find writers who might want to be part of your promo team, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to meet new writers looking to establish a network. You can find an extensive listing of writer’s organizations on our Publishing Tool Kit pages.

Start Promoting!

Once you’ve assembled your promo team, get out there and start cross-promoting! Marketing oneself takes time and dedication, so be sure you give 100%. If you’re working with other writers, they’ll want you to be just as focused and enthusiastic as they are.

Writer’s Relief, Inc.

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