Book review: Torc of Moonlight

Torc of Moonlight (Book One)

by Linda Acaster

5 stars Great Plot and Prose February 3, 2013
By JohnnyApril
I guess I can say to begin with, I have read other books on the subject of the paranormal. I would say that my interest is growing and I’ll continue to read more books like that after reading Torc of Moonlight.
Like other books and movies on the paranormal, I always liked the ultimate confrontation at the end but there were other reasons that this was a great book as well.
Probably the best reason was the plot. You have two characters, students at a University, Nick Blaketon and Alice Linwood. Nick is very attracted to Alice and you never really know what his going to happen during the relationship. That keeps the pace moving as you’re rooting for the relationship to work.
Nick as a character makes the relationship more suspenseful since he is subject to blackouts. Several times in the book you think that something is happening during those blackouts since his behavior turns violent. That reminded me of a Mickey Rourke movie called Angel Heart, one of my all time favorite Rourke movies.
Add to the relationship other characters such as Harkin and Clare. It made me wonder why the are part of the story as well. That kept me going as I read the book. The author met the challenge in the end of blending everything together and creating a very powerful mystery that was full of suspense along with a great ending.
There were other memorable characters in the book as well such as Murray. Even though I never watched a Rugby game, I liked that it was part of this book as well. It made me interested in learning more about the game as a result.
The prose is great. The plot and the relationship keeps the story moving with a tremendous amount of suspense. Great memorable characters. I can’t see a reason why I wouldn’t give this book five stars. I would read more books by this author.