Book Review: Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

The Snow Bride

5 stars(an Amazon review)

reviewed by Mrs. Jennifer M. Black “Jen Black” (UK) 

The Snow Bride is a lovely title, and snow figures largely throughout the story which makes for chilly yet picturesque reading.
Set at the times of the Crusades, from which Sir Magnus returns scarred so horribly that young maidens run from the sight of him, his destiny directs him to Elfrida, the witch of the woods who is so feared by her neighbours that no man will speak to her, let alone marry her.

Elfrida’s sister has been snatched by the Forest Grendel, a misshapen creature of whom grotesque tales abound in the neighbourhood. Elfrida’s sister isn’t his first victim. Elfrida hatches a cunning plan with herself as bait, hoping that she can use her magic to overwhelm the creature. Magnus finds her tied to a tree in the woods, and rescues her – and she’s not at all grateful! Indeed, she thinks Sir Magnus may be the misshapen beast!

It’s an engaging story, and I particular liked the character of Magnus, so accepting of his fate and yet still brave and willing to help Elfrida find her sister. How they do, will keep you reading right to the end of the book.

The Snow Bride

(BookStrand Publishing Romance)

by Lindsay Townsend

  • Publisher: Siren Publishing (January 25, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0071MSB4M