Chat with Charmaine Gordon, Wed Aug 14

Let me introduce you to Author-Extraordinaire Charmaine Gordon. Ms. Gordon will be hosting a chat in the Savvy Authors Chat room on Wednesday, August 14

Charmaine is known for her heartwarming Survive and Thrive stories; The books include To Be ContinuedStarting OverNow What?Reconstructing CharlieSin of Omission and The Catch.

Charmaine’s latest series is The Beginning…Not the End featuring Mature Love, Romance, and Suspense
and includes (to date) Instant Grandpa & Young at Heart

Please tell us what you are most passionate about outside of writing.

I’m passionate about acting, a craft given up because of my voice. Like a thief in the night, spasmodic dysphonia robbed me of what I treasured. My sweet voice so good on stage, movies, daytime drama or commercials or voice-overs is no longer available. Now I act in my writing. A great creative outlet.

What is your most embarrassing memory?

Here’s a goodie: Are you ready? In acting, you take the ‘moment before’ to get into your role. So there I was backstage with my co-star, people milling about and he decides to take a real moment before. The scene we were about to play is in a hotel where we’ve just had sex. Oh yes. Two mature folks who for the first time in years have already ‘done’ it. I’m in the ‘moment before’ in my mind when suddenly this big guy begins to kiss me passionately. All around us, I hear whispers and  silent applause and someone says, “You’re on,” and we take our places. Lights up, we’re on stage. After the scene, greeted with cheers, I smacked him hard. Show biz!

In your novels, is there a favorite character? Why that one?

Charlie in Reconstructing Charlie takes my prize. She’s only fifteen on page one and must survive and thrive to become the huge success she is by The End. If you recall, when I typed those two words, I called you and cried. But then I always call you and cry at The End. Now that I’m writing The Beginning. . .not The End, I call and laugh. We both laugh, my friend.

In one sentence—what do you want people to say about your writing in fifty years?

“I wish I could have met that woman. Imagine her beginning a new career later in life when she didn’t even know how to write a book, she wrote a bunch of them and with a small publishing company, Vanilla Heart across the country, she became successful. Best sellers. What an inspiration!”

Senior Passion is Hot!
Chat with Host Charmaine Gordon
in the Savvy Authors Chatroom

A series about mature romance with a touch of suspense?  Since senior romance is my expertise as a golden oldie—when did that happen?—I decided there was no time to waste. My publisher, Kimberlee Williams of Vanilla Heart Publishing heartily agreed!Instant Grandpa was released as the first ‘long’ short story in my new series, The Beginning…Not the End, and opened the floodgates to many more stories of passion, suspense, and life starring mature couples. No matter what our kids say, (usually something along the lines of ‘oh Mom! Euwww!), love and romance never ends!So, let’s talk about exploring new genre, enjoying crafting seriously sexy stories about real people ‘our’ age, and about how to approach a publisher with a concept they might not have considered.Bodies may not work exactly as they did when we were 25, but hearts and minds get better with age, you learn to adapt and laugh at contortions, and today we will explore getting that sense of romance and passion out there for readers to enjoy.
Author Bio:Charmaine Gordon writes books about women who Survive and Thrive.  Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again. Six books and several short stories in three years, she’s always at work on the next story. The books include To Be Continued, Starting Over, Now What?, Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission and The Catch, just released. And now, her new series, The Beginning…Not the End!“I didn’t realize at the time while working as an actor in NYC, I’d become a sponge soaking up dialogue, setting, and stage directions. I learned many tools of writing during the years watching directors like Mike Nichols and actors including Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, and Billy Crystal. And would you believe, I was Geraldine Ferraro’s stand-in leg model, my first job giving me entrÉe into all the Unions needed to work. When the sweet time ended, I began another career and creative juices flowed.”

You can reach Charmaine at

And on her FB page  @CharJGordonAnd on Vanilla Heart Publishing
Instant Grandpa:Summer at the Jersey Shore
just got hotter… Take one widower grandfather,
add two little grandkids, and a widowed
grandmother with a small granddaughter. Mix
well. Stir in sun drenched beach days and moonlit
nights. What have you got? A kite flying high with
a new tail; an author writing a book to sort out
her emotions; a talented boy with his mother
returned to claim the prize. Family complications
and a happy beginning… not the end.


Aug 14, 2013
Senior Passion is hot! Chat with host Charmaine Gordon