A review of: Racing the Reaper by Jerrid Edgington

Racing the Reaper by Jerrid Edgington

The Human Factor in EMS

Often mislabeled ambulance attendants, ambulance drivers or even band-aid bunnies, the people who respond to 9-1-1 and other calls for emergencies are trained, skilled, dedicated and often courageous individuals. EMTs and Paramedics are usually the first professional care medical and trauma emergencies receive pre-hospital.

What I am most impressed about by Mr. Edgington’s tale is the very insightful human factor he focuses on. As an EMT myself (for nearly 30-years) I found it easy to relate to the thrills, fears, satisfaction and sometimes loss that the characters experienced. I chuckled when the author described some of the non-emergency 9-1-1 calls the ambulance crew was dispatched to, and found myself holding my breath as rescues were being made.

Yet as real as the descriptions of calls and treatments were, the story still read as entertainment and not textbook.

The ending which truly left the reader wanting more is a terrific prelude to a sequel (which I understand is well on its way!), one which I will certainly be waiting to read.

My recommendation is a resounding YES, read Racing the Reaper by Jerrid Edgington


reviewed by Chelle Cordero, EMT and
author of EMS novels Final Sin and Hyphema

(no compensation has been received for this endorsement)