Book 5 in the Angel series by S.R. Claridge

Just Call Me Angel Series
by S.R. Claridge

Loose Ends by S.R. Claridge

It’s been a year since Angel discovered her true identity in the Mafia world and being the first female boss has had its challenges. She’s been kidnapped, shot at, Tasered, blown up and thrown out of a plane. Not many women can say that. Through it all she has learned that family loyalty means everything, traitors are not tolerated and love can be deadly.

Tragedy strikes on the eve of a Maratinzano celebration, when a nerve gas renders not only her family devastated, but the Capo di Tutti Capi and the Head of the Cosa Nostra dangerously exposed. Racing to secure her family before the assailant strikes again and more lives are lost, Angel must ignore appearances, re-write the rules and erase everything she knew of good and bad. No one can be trusted and everyone is a mark. Unraveling the truth means tying up loose ends so they cannot ensnare the family again. The only problem is some loose ends aren’t fit to be tied.

S.R. Claridge loves thunderstorms, and chilly fall evenings when she can hunker down in front of her computer with a Vodka Martini and write another romantic suspense novel.

She began her writing career with poetry, being published in the 1999 Sparrowgrass publication of Treasured Poems of America and in the Remley Agency & Associates Christian publication, Praise Him. Her work was later published by greeting card company, Melting Pot Gifts and in 2007 she had a short story published in Glowing Embers by Aglow International of St. Louis. Expanding into songwriting, Claridge (writing under the name Susan Renee’) had songs published/produced by Capitol Management in 1999, cutting a debut demo CD entitled, “Out of the Box.” She went on to record single albums, “Columbine” and “A Nation Under God” and a full-length Christian CD, “Open Your Eyes.” In 2007 her song, “Shot Down Again,” debuted on a CD cut by Country music artist Marv Roberts and the Midnight Rodeo.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia and a background in theatre, Claridge has enjoyed writing scripts for a variety of venues, as well as performing, but feels she has found her niche in writing romantic suspense. She believes her theatrical and psychological training help her to create the suspenseful twists and turns that keep her readers guessing until the very end.

A romantic at heart, Claridge is creatively seduced by the allure of a full moon, a glass of red wine and the glow of candlelight. She believes in true love and that people can change. Rooted in a strong faith, she believes in forgiveness, in Jesus, in miracles and angels and in the power of prayer; professing openly that any good thing in her comes from God.