…how I met Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine Gordon writes books  about women who Survive and Thrive.  Her motto is take one step and then another to leave your past behind and begin again.

Charmaine is a dynamic bundle of energy, she challenges one to keep up with her. “From C to Shining C”, we became friends a number of years ago – and I also became a fan of her writing.  I’ll let Charmaine tell you how we met…


We met at Barnes&Noble on a hot Friday night. A book signing; no air conditioning, no customers. Lots of laughs right away especially when you saw me grab a stray man and dance with him. Typical of your brand new acquaintance soon to be friends. I had one book, you had a table full. You bought my book. About a month later you called; said you loved the way I wrote. I was sending queries out for my new story, To Be Continued. You said call Vanilla Heart. I did and became a member of VHP. What a journey. But wait. There’s more. Remember when we , you drove I read directions, and a zillion U turns were made that day to go somewhere deep in Jersey to read with a group of writers. We laughed coming and going calling each other Thelma and Louise. Four years have skittered by. I have a shelf full of your books. My sixth book The Catch was released a few weeks ago and now Instant Grandpa is going to be released June 17th.

 Charmaine IG CVR F


Summer at the Jersey Shore just got hotter…  Take one widower grandfather, add two little grandkids, and a widowed grandmother with a small granddaughter. Mix well. Stir in sun drenched beach days and moonlit nights. What have you got? A kite flying high with a new tail; an author writing a book to sort out her emotions; a talented boy with his mother returned to claim the prize. Family complications and a happy beginning… not the end.

learn more about Charmaine Gordon

To Be Continued   ~ Starting Over   ~   Now What?

Reconstructing Charlie   ~  Sin of Omission   ~  The Catch

Instant Grandpa

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3 thoughts on “…how I met Charmaine Gordon

  1. How fortunate you two are! Wish I could meet you both. But the next best thing is VHP!

    • Definitely Marilyn the next best thing IS VHP! Wish I could meet you too, face to face. But glad we at least have cyberspace.

  2. Two smart, funny, crazy ladies. 🙂

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