Review: The Catch by Charmaine Gordon

The Catch by Charmaine Gordon

Against all odds…

Charmaine Gordon has written another story of thrive and survive. Using beloved characters from Reconstructing Charlie, The Haven and Sin of Omission, Ms. Gordon weaves the endearing story of Joanne and Tom, obstacles in their way, and their eventual HEA in The Catch.

As always, Ms. Gordon presents characters we can relate to, they are real with genuine feelings. It’s hard not to cheer for their victories and cry with them for their disappointments. Reading a book by Charmaine Gordon is truly an escape into the pages of her story.

Looking forward to the next Charmaine Gordon work!


2 thoughts on “Review: The Catch by Charmaine Gordon

  1. Congrats Charmaine!

  2. Hey Chelle Cordero, I love the words endearing, beloved, genuine in your review. Thanks for warming this author’s heart.

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