Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Just wanted to wish y’all a
Happy Mother’s Day

There are always mixed feeling to such an observance for those of us who are blessed to be moms and for those of us who remember the gentle nurturing of our own mothers. 
So I say thank you to my mom who passed away in 1979, the lessons she taught have carried me through life and I only hope that I have been able to emulate some of her mommy-ness for my own offspring. ~  I also remember my husband’s mom and want to say thank you to her for raising such a fine son. I am blessed with wonderful memories of strong and capable women who knew how to let their children know they were loved.
And speaking of blessings, I have the most beautiful of all – my daughter and my son and their chosen mates. I thrill each time one of them calls me Mom. And I marvel at the two babies I coddled and how they have grown to be absolutely fantastic adults. I love them for being my “babies” and I admire them for their accomplishments and talents.
But enough about my boasting…
This weekend also makes me think
What is a mom?
It isn’t necessarily genetics or even gender anymore. A MOM is someone who nurtures and loves, a MOM is selfless and devoted, a MOM can give magical kisses and at least for a while is thought to know all the answers. Most of all, a MOM doesn’t lose herself and yet her kids become her world. Being a mom is a great state of being.
So for all the nurturers, all the caregivers, all the huggers and all the confidants, I hope you enjoy your day with your little ones, with your fur-babies, and with the partner who helped make you a mom. (And if you are lucky enough to have your mom around, enjoy.)
Being a mom is one of the best feelings
in the world!