May is National Pet Month

National Pet Month is a celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives – and vice versa. It is observed annually in the United States in May… (from Wikipedia)

I love cats – I have three of them. Each pussycat has a unique and distinct personality. Often I swear they talk back, sure, it may sound like a “meow“, but it certainly means more than that.

Mario  ~  Luigi  ~  Tigger
(please don’t be insulted dog lovers, I like pups too,
but I am highly allergic to them)

Some time ago a reader asked me about writing pets into my novels and I was ashamed to admit I had only done it once, in Courage of the Heart my heroine Davey had a dog named Gizzy that lived in her childhood home with her dad.

So feeling a little bit guilty and noticing the three felines pictured here staring at me as I work on my latest WIP, I’ve written a cat into it. My hero owns a cat, or rather, resides with one. The feline is named Mauszer, he gets underfoot quite a bit and hisses at the heroine a lot… but that is really expected for such an intuitive animal.

My current work is a paranormal named KARMA VISITED

Somehow I picture Mauszer as an older, possibly overweight, grey tabby. The hero inherited him from a previous tenant. I think he’s an indoor cat (as mine are)
So how about you? Have you read (or written) about any memorable pets in your favorite stories? Please, tell me about it.

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