Join my Yahoo Group – ChelleWrites

I hope you will consider joining my Yahoo Group ChelleWrites

This group is an announcement-only list of people who would like to receive e-newsletters from author Chelle Cordero. These e-newsletters concern news about new releases of books by Chelle Cordero, major articles, appearances and other author events. All blog posts here are sent directly to your mailbox so you won’t miss a thing.

This group is not a discussion-style chat loop through which members can start new topics. However, folks who receive these newsletters can respond and discuss my postings, and people signed up for these e-newsletters can email Cordero directly at with new topic ideas for discussion.

Members can access (& download) files, photos and the calendar.

Members receive special offers too! Right now join ChelleWrites and a link to a FREE download of the Vanilla Heart Publishing Love & Chocolate Anthology will be sent directly to you – those who are already members can access this information in the exclusive files section of the group.

…and no worries about being spammed, your addresses will not be used for anything else out side of the groups AND you get to decide on your mail frequency (each message, digest or special notice only)

See you in the group!