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My name is Chelle Cordero and I am a writer, dreamer, wife, mom and volunteer EMT. My favorite story is romantic-suspense or a really good mystery – that’s what I like to read and that is what I like to write.

So, please make yourself comfortable and read a few of my posts while you are here – sure hope you’ll come back again (& again…)

See you on the jogging track!


18 thoughts on “Your Blog Jog Day Stop – Welcome!

  1. Happy Jog Blog Day!

  2. Jogging on through during this great blog jog, my only complaint is I've already worn out one pair of jogging shoes. Had to stop, buy another pair, stop for dinner….etc. hehThanks for being a stop on the blog jog!

  3. I am so grateful to everyone who came by my blog today, I hope you liked what you saw and will be back.And a special thank you to Carol Denbrow for organizing this day.Chelle

  4. Hey C, Thanks for guiding me, as always. C to shining C

  5. Thanks for the help. Not sure if this comment will get to you and if I'm doing this right. Anyway, if it does can't wait to read the rest of your books. Enjoying checking out fellow bloggers.

  6. If I say I'm "dropping by," that probably means someone needs to scoop me up off the floor and wheelbarrow me home. I've just about jogged my last step. Hope you had a great blogjogday!Deb

  7. Hi Chelle. Great blog. I'm a retired EMT, and I write suspense. We must be related. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Happy jogging.

  8. Just jogging through to say hello, Chelle!

  9. Hi Chelle, just stopped by. Happy jogging.

  10. Beautiful posting, Chelle! Thank you! I really enjoyed catching my breath here. (Been jogging all day doncha know! LOL)

  11. Thank you for hosting a stop on the Blog Jog.seriousreader at live dot com

  12. Happy jogging 🙂

  13. Happy Blog Jog Day

  14. Happy Blog Jog Day, Chelle.Malcolm

  15. …jogging through…(pant, pant)…I missed your blog on the first pass.

  16. Hi Chelle, Just dropped by.

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