Great Review of Bartlett’s Rule!

I love it!

Goto Lost in a Good Book and get involved in the January Book Discussion of Bartlett’s Rule and you might just win an autographed copy of Bartlett’s Rule (read the first post to learn how).

January book discussions will run through January 31st. Discussion comments will be made in the comment section of each book. (found at the bottom of each posted selection) – moderated by Annette Snyder-Novelist.

Bartlett’s Rule (paperback)

get the e-book (.pdf)


One thought on “Great Review of Bartlett’s Rule!

  1. Hi, Chelle! I received your book in the mail yesterday and when I get a chance to read, am excited to get started! Right now this blog has me crazy! I can’t seem to get the word out there. I have a contest ending on Sunday and another BIG one starting then but very few entries! Well, only 21 days old so guess I am being a little impatient? Any suggestions? Bingo (K.H.)

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