Don’t miss out on the latest news!

Sign up for the ChelleWrites Yahoo group – an announcement-only list of people who would like to receive e-newsletters from author, Chelle Cordero. These e-newsletters concern news about new releases of books by Chelle Cordero, major articles, appearances and other author events.

Click to join ChelleWrites

Every time something important happens concerning my writing career,I scramble through my email address book to let my friends and familyknow – and then I always manage to forget someone!

I will not spam – I will not spam – I will not spam.

But what I do plan to do is send out updates about my books and my significant writing news. So… if you choose to accept membership in this group, I will keep you up-to-date on all of the news that’s fit to print about what has been printed!

Members have access to downloadable files about my books, photos and my event calendar.


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